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    Social TV - Blue Ocean Strategy? http://t.co/q2wDQCp via @AddThis socialtv strategy blueocean connectedtv

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Small is better. That's how we feel. Rather than farm out, hire extensively, and dilute our own brand, Agora Media Group is a tight, highly experienced group of well seasoned Internet gurus holding a diverse range of skill sets which, when fused, creates a team that can handle almost any project internally... from Augmented Reality to 3D, Social Media to Print Media, Search Engine Strategy to building highly effective Applications.

We dream in digital. The small, highly professional team at Agora are passionate about the technologies that now define our world and the way they're moulding our future. We are first and foremost great communicators. We are creatives who truly understand how the Web connects us all, and we all want to shape the conversation. We are restless innovators who are not just waiting for the next big idea to come along, we're part of making it happen. The team at Agora are unique talents, visionaries, experimenters, and live and play on the cutting edge of technology. Agora helps build great brands by creating engaging, experiential environments in the digital world. With our feet planted in the early Internet, our seasoned, multi talented team has done hundreds of cutting edge, innovative projects for a wide array of Fortune 500 clients, startups, and a variety of others across the globe. Created in London, Agora Media Group LLC's roots are in The Netherlands and Japan and the team itself has Canadian, Australian, Italian and Dutch partners.